Treatment of Obesity and Hyperlipidemia

Written by Dr.Md.Redwanul Huq (Masum)
Monday, 20 June 2011 15:33

[HINTS: Contd-To be continued, M- Month, ±M- Before or After Meal, AM- After Meal, ½HBM- ½ Hour Before Meal,W- Week, D-Day.2HAM- 2 Hour After Meal,bid-Twice daily, tid-Three times daily,qid-Four times daily.]

Treatment of obesity and hyperlipidemia –

I. Tab. Orlistat (120 mg)- I tab tid ————————————-4 Years
II. If Serum Cholesterol level is high-
Tab. Atorvastatin (10 /20/40 mg)
Tab. Rosuvastatin Calcium(5/10mg)
1 tab-once daily( +M) ———————–contd.
III. If serum Triglyceride level is high-
Cap. Fenofibrate (200 mg)
1 cap-once daily (AM)————————2 /3 Months or contd.
Cap. Gemfibrozil(300mg)
1 Cap- once daily/bid ( ½ HBM) ———————2 /3 Months or contd.

To know the Generic and Trade names of the above mentioned drugs and their available formulations in Bangladesh click here.

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