Treatment for Angina pectoris

Written by Dr.Md.Redwanul Huq (Masum)
Monday, 20 June 2011 15:33

[HINTS: Contd-To be continued, M- Month, ±M- Before or After Meal, AM- After Meal, ½HBM- ½ Hour Before Meal,W- Week, D-Day.2HAM- 2 Hour After Meal,bid-Twice daily, tid-Three times daily,qid-Four times daily.]

Treatment for Angina pectoris includes-

* Anti-anginal drug treatment-

1. Sublingual nitroglycerin-
Glyceryl Trinitrate spray /aerosol
-2 puff sub-lingually during chest pain
or,  before any physical exertion ———–sos.
2. Nitrates-
Tab. Glyceryl Trinitrate (2.6 mg)
1 tab-bid  —————————-1 or 2 M or contd.
Tab.Isosorbide Mononitrate (20 mg)
1+1+0 (2 days off in a week) —– 1 or 2 M or contd.
3. Beta-blockers-
Tab. Atenolol (50/100 mg )
1 tab-once daily( +M) ———————–contd.
Tab. Metoprolol Tartarate (50 /100 mg)
1 tab-once daily( +M) ———————–contd.
4. Calcium channel blockers-
Tab. Amlodipine (5 /10 mg)
1 tab-once daily (+M) ———————–contd.
Tab. Nifedipine (10 / 20 mg)
1 tab- tid (±M) ——————————–contd.
Tab. Verapamil (40 / 80 mg)
1 tab- tid (AM) ——————————–contd.
Tab. Diltiazem (30/60/90/120 mg)
1 tab- tid (±M) ——————————–contd.
5. Antiplatelet Drugs-
Tab. Aspirin (75 mg)
1tab-once daily (AM, usually after launch) —————– contd.
Tab.Clopidogrel (75 mg)
1tab-once daily ( AM, usually after launch) —————– contd.
Tab.Aspirin & Tab.Clopidogrel (75/75 mg) combination
1tab-once daily ( AM, usually after launch) —————– contd.

* Treatment of significant risk factors-

a) Treatment of Hyperlipidemia:
I. If Serum Cholesterol  level is high
Tab. Atorvastatin (10 /20/40 mg)
Tab. Rosuvastatin Calcium(5/10mg)
1 tab-once daily( +M) ———————–contd.
II. If serum Triglyceride level is high
Cap. Fenofibrate (200 mg)
1 cap-once daily (AM)————————2 /3 M or contd.
Cap. Gemfibrozil(300mg)
1 Cap- once daily/bid ( ½ HBM) ———————2 /3 M or contd.
III. Tab.Trimetazidine (35mg)
1tab-once daily (AM) ————————2 /3 M or contd.
b) Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus:
c) Treatment of Hypertension: click here.

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