Written by Dr.Md.Redwanul Huq (Masum)
Sunday, 26 June 2011 14:18

What is Pneumonia (Lung Infection):

Pneumonia is an acute respiratory illness and presents in majority of cases by the presence of cough, purulent sputum & fever together with physical signs or radiological changes compatible with consolidation of lung. It is also known as lung infection.

Symptoms of pneumonia:

Symptoms of pneumonia (caused by bacteria):

  • Fever with chills and rigor (Shaking chills)
  • Cough, often with sputum which may be rusty/green/red in color.
  • Pain in the chest wall (pleuritic) which may be increased by coughing or breathing in
  • Shortness of breath.

Symptoms of pneumonia (not caused by bacteria):

  • fever
  • cough (usually with little mucus)
  • shortness of breath.

Lifestyle modification:

» Take rest

» Increase fluid intake.

Dietary modification (List of food in pneumonia):

> Take more fruits containing Vitamin C(eg, amla, guava, mango, hog-plum, acid fruit, carambola, melon, pomeloe, plum, orange, lemon, pineapple, strawberry etc)

> Eat foods containing Vitamin C(eg, tomato, green leafy vegetables, milk, egg, fish, liver, meat, cheese, etc)

> Take garlic.

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