Dysentery in children

Written by Dr.Md.Redwanul Huq (Masum)
Monday, 16 January 2012 12:52


Dysentery can be defined as the passage of blood and mucous in diarrheal stools. It is also known as bloody diarrhea.

Causes of bloody diarrhea:

Dysentery in children can be due to following causes-

Infectious causes:

  1. Shigella dysenteriae
  2. E. histolytica
  3. Campylobacter jejuni
  4. Cl. Difficile
  5. Enterohaemorrhagic E. coli
  6. Salmonella
  7. Enteroinvasive E. coli
  8. V. parahaemolyticus

Non infectious causes:

  1. Inflammatory bowel disease
  2. Diverticular disease
  3. Ischemic colitis
  4. Colonic or rectal carcinoma.

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