Drugs starting with T-in pregnancy and lactation

Table showing safety of drugs in pregnancy and lactation (Drugs starting with T)

Drug Pregnancy category Use during lactation
Tacrolimus C Use with caution
Tamoxifen D
Tamsulosin B
Tazobactam B
Tegaserod B
Telmisartan D Unsafe
Terazosin B Unsafe
Terbinafine B Unsafe(systemic use),Use with caution(topical use)
Terbutaline B Safe
Testosterone X Unsafe
Tetracycline D Safe for short duration
Thalidomide X Unsafe
Theophylline C Safe
Thiamine A Safe
Thiopental sodium C
Thyroxine A Safe
Tibolone D Unsafe, lactation may be suppressed
Ticarcillin + Clavulanate B Safe
Timolol C Use with caution
Tinidazole B Use with caution
Tobramycin D(inhalation,parenteral)B(ophthalmic use) Safe
Tramadol C Safe for short duration
Tranexamic acid B Safe
Tretinoin D Unsafe
Triamcinolone acetonide C Safe
Triamterene C Use with caution
Triazolam C Safe, caution in chronic use, infant may have drowsiness
Trifluoperazine C Use with caution
Trimethoprim B Safe
Tropicamide C(ophthalmic use) Use with caution 

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