Drugs starting with S-in pregnancy and lactation

Table showing safety of drugs in pregnancy and lactation (Drugs starting with S)

Drug Pregnancy category Use during lactation
Salbutamol C Safe
Salicylic acid Safe
Salmeterol C Safe
Selegiline B Unsafe
Senna C Safe
Sertraline C Safe
Sildenafil B Unsafe
Silver sulfadiazine C Safe
Simethicone C
Simvastatin X Unsafe
Sodium bicarbonate C
Sodium citrate Safe
Sodium cromoglycate B Safe
Sodium nitroprusside C Unsafe
Sodium phosphate (oral) Use with caution, withhold breastfeeding for 12 hours
Sodium thiosulfate Safe
Sodium valproate D Safe
Somatostatin B
Somatropin B Use with caution
Sorbitol Safe
Sotalol C Safe
Sparfloxacin C
Spectinomycin B
Spironolactone C,D if used in pregnancy induced HTN Safe
Streptokinase C Use with caution
Streptomycin D Use with caution
Sucralfate B Safe
Sulbactam B
Sulfadiazine C Safe after 1 month of the infant
Sulfasalazine B,D if given near term Safe
Sulfamethizole C,D if given near term
Sulfonamides C Safe if the infant is full-term
Sulfur Safe(topical use)
Sulindac C Use with caution
Sumatriptan B Safe
Suxamethonium C Use with caution 

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