Drugs starting with N-in pregnancy and lactation

Table showing safety of drugs in pregnancy and lactation (Drugs starting with N)

Drug Pregnancy category Use during lactation
Nalbuphine B,D if prolonged use or high doses at term
Nalidixic acid C
Nalorphine D
Naloxone B Use with caution
Naltrexone B Safe
Naproxen C Safe
Natamycin C (ophthalmic use )
Nedocromil sodium B Safe
Nelfinavir B
Neomycin D Safe
Neostigmine C
Netilmicin D
Nicardipine C
Nicotinic acid B Unsafe
Nifedipine C Safe
Nimodipine C Safe
Nitazoxanide B Use with caution
Nitrazepam C Safe, caution in chronic use, infant may have drowsiness
Nitrofurantoin B Safe
Nitrous oxide A Safe
Nizatidine B Safe
Noradrenaline C Use with caution
Norethisterone D Safe in low dose
Norfloxacin B Safe
Norgestrel X
Nortriptyline C Safe
Nystatin C(mouth/throat/oral/topical)A(vaginal) Safe


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