Drugs starting with M-in pregnancy and lactation

Table showing safety of drugs in pregnancy and lactation (Drugs starting with M)

Drug Pregnancy category Use during lactation
Magaldrate C
Magnesium carbonate B
Magnesium chloride Use with caution
Magnesium hydroxide B Safe
Magnesium sulfate B Safe
Malathion B (topical use)
Mannitol C Safe
Maprotiline B
Mebendazole C Safe
Mebeverine B Use with caution
Meclozine B
Medroxyprogesterone X Safe after 6 month of the infant
Mefenamic acid C Safe
Mefloquine B Safe
Meloxicam C Use with caution
Melphalan D
Mercaptopurine D Unsafe
Meropenem B Safe
Mesalazine C Safe
Mesna B Unsafe
Mestranol B Unsafe
Metformin C Safe
Methimazole D
Methotrexate X Unsafe
Methoxsalen B Unsafe
Methyldopa B Safe
Methylprednisolone C (topical use) Safe(topical use)
Methysergide C Unsafe
Metoclopramide B Safe
Metoprolol C Safe
Metronidazole B Safe
Metyrapone B Use with caution
Miconazole C Safe
Midazolam C Safe in single dose
Mifepristone X
Minocycline D Unsafe
Minoxidil C Safe(topical use)Use with caution(oral use)
Misoprostol X Use with caution
Mometasone furoate B Safe
Montelukast B Use with caution
Morphine C,D if prolonged use or high doses at term Safe in usual dose,use with caution if high dose
Moxifloxacin B Use with caution
Mupirocin B Safe


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