Drugs starting with C-in pregnancy and lactation

Table showing safety of drugs in pregnancy and lactation (Drugs starting with C)

Drug Pregnancy category Use during lactation
Caffeine A Safe
Calcitonin B Use with caution
Calcitriol B Use with caution
Calcium carbonate C Safe
Calcium chloride C Safe
Calcium citrate C Safe
Calcium gluconate C Safe
Candesartan D Unsafe
Capreomycin C Use with caution
Captopril D Safe
Carbamazepine D Safe
Carbidopa B Unsafe
Carbimazole C Safe
Carvedilol C Use with caution
Cefaclor B Safe
Cefepime B Safe
Cefixime in pregnancy B Safe
Cefotaxime B Safe
Cefoxitin B Safe
Cefpodoxime B Safe
Cefradine B Safe
Ceftazidime B Safe
Ceftriaxone B Safe
Cefuroxime B Safe
Celecoxib B Safe
Cephalexin A Safe
Cefalotin A Safe
Cephazolin B Safe
Cetirizine B Use with caution
Chenodeoxycholic acid X Unsafe
Chloramphenicol A Safe(topical use)Unsafe(oral or IV use)
Chlorhexidine A Safe
Chloroquine A(for prophylaxis)D(for treatment) Safe
Chlorothiazide C,D if used in pregnancy induced HTN
Chlorpheniramine A Safe, infant may have sleep disturbances
Chlorpromazine C Use with caution
Chlorthalidone C Safe
Cholestyramine B Safe
Ciclesonide B Safe
Ciclosporin C
Cidofovir D Unsafe
Cilastatin C
Cimetidine B Safe
Cinnarizine C Use with caution
Ciprofloxacin in pregnancy and lactation B Safe
Cisapride B Safe
Cisplatin D
Citalopram C Safe
Clarithromycin B Safe
Clavulanic acid B Safe
Clindamycin A Safe
Clobazam C Unsafe
Clobetasone C Unsafe
Clofazimine C Unsafe
Clomiphene B Unsafe
Clomipramine C Safe
Clonazepam C Safe, caution in chronic use, infant may have drowsiness
Clonidine B Use with caution
Clopidogrel B Unsafe
Clotrimazole A Safe
Cloxacillin B Safe
Clozapine C Unsafe
Codeine C,D if prolonged use or high doses at term Safe, caution in chronic use,
Colchicine D Use with caution
Colecalciferol/ cholecalciferol C Use with caution
Cortisone C,D in 1st trimester Use with caution
Cotrimoxazole (Trimethoprim+Sulfamethoxazole) C Safe after 1 month of the infant
Coumarin X
Crotamiton B Safe
Cyanocobalamin C Safe
Cyclizine B
Cyclophosphamide D Unsafe
Cycloserine C
Cyclosporin C Use with caution
Cyproheptadine B Use with caution

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