Drugs starting with E-drug interactions

Drug-drug interactions

Effects of interactions

Interactions between Enalapril & Ethanol Increased effects of Ethanol
Interactions between Erythromycin & MAOIs Increased effects of MAOIs
Interactions between Erythromycin & Nifedipine Increased effects of Nifedipine
Interactions between Erythromycin & Theophylline Decreased effects of Erythromycin and increased effects of Theophylline
Interactions between Erythromycin & Valproic acid Increased effects of Valproic acid
Interactions between Erythromycin & Terfenadine Increased effects of Terfenadine
Interactions between Estrogen(conjugated) & Phenytoin Decreased effects of Estrogen(conjugated)
Interactions between Estrogen(conjugated) & TCA Increased effects of TCA

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