Drugs starting with W-side effects

Side effects of warfarin

Side effects of warfarin are-

*Hypersensitivity reaction to warfarin causing itchiness, rash, respiratory difficulty, swelling of face, tongue,
lips or throat
*Fever with chills
*Body ache
*Flu like symptoms
*Nausea, vomiting
*Passage of black tarry stool
*Coughing out of blood
*Passage of blood in urine
*Abnormal bleeding from nose or gum
*Bleeding from wounds
*Lack of concentration
*Increased gas formation
*Abnormal taste sense
*Any bleeding that does not stop
*Easy bruising
*Vomit out of blood
*Dark urine
*Yellow skin or sclera
*Limb pain
*Abdominal pain
*Back pain
*Decreased urination
*Swelling of hands or feet
*Foot ulcer.

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